The Firesteel

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After losing the love of a powerful oracle, Natt Raymer travels through time to figure out where they went wrong.

To appease his niece and face his past, Natt spins a fable that stretches his and Kit's decade into an amended world history. Between the columns of Ancient Greece, under the canopy of the Amazon, dodging fire in a war-torn Britain, he must understand if Kit's predictions are true and if there's hope for a future.

Readers have said:

A light yet enchanting read with fully rendered worlds and memorable characters...The snappy dialogue paints a nice contrast against the lush and atmospheric depictions of Ancient Greece, Amazonian rainforests, and Arizona wilderness...a modern love story, befitting of an age where romance is met with cynicism and could benefit from a touch of magic.

A story within a story, abounding in magical realism and radiant settings. Huang successfully takes modern characters...and tells their love story in all the locations that capture the imagination.

To put it simply, this book floors me...constantly shedding light on the changing dynamic between two old souls who seem to have a hard time catching each other at the right moment...If you're looking for a book that talks about and encapsulates the feeling you have when you know you love someone but just can't find the words to tell them, read this book...Huang has crafted a brilliant story on the nature of love, longing and the concept of forever. Take the other book you were going to read and put it down.