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Note: this was written in 2015.

It is 2022. American cities are under strict quarantine, and nearly 30% of the population is infected with Xavier Hemorrhagic Flu (XHF). The international community has closed its borders to the United States, people disappear after suspicious Tweets, and reality TV continues to dominate the air.

Fi Ocampo, formerly a rising star at a major news network, has resigned herself to listicles and quizzes after a professional disgrace. Fi breaks the story of two men contaminating Pittsburgh’s water supply with XHF medication. The Internet erupts in debate: some condemn the men as terrorists, others praise them as martyrs for the XHF cause.
As Fi unravels the story behind the contamination, she uncovers hard truths around the XHF epidemic and her part in the public's hysteria. She must come to terms with her otherness, and her responsibility in determining the fate of her country.